Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Food Program Fun

Members of our food program have been busy these past few weeks celebrating National School Lunch week, Great Apple Crunch Day and Halloween. Keep reading to catch up on all the fun!

National School Lunch Week (Oct 9-15, 2022)
NSLW serves to recognize the National School Lunch Program, and the nearly 360,000 school children served every day in Iowa!  This year's theme was "Peace, Love, and School Lunch," and many AEA Purchasing members got groovy for the celebration!  Review the feature here.

Great Apple Crunch Day
Schools participated in the event by purchasing locally grown apples and crunching into them on October 13th at noon. See how Fort Madison celebrated this crunchtastic day

Our members served up some Spooktacular Halloween menus, and many nutrition staff even dressed up for the day!  

Fort Madison Comm School District Menus:
Tombstones, Lizard Tails, Candy Corn Parfait, Brain treat (rice krispie), and Skulls. 

 Jane Andersen, Director at Lawton Bronson, dressed as Mildred the Lunch Lady.