Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Vendor Profile: MNJ Technologies

MNJ Technologies is an AEA Purchasing vendor partner that provides business grade computer hardware, software, and technology products.

Contract benefits include:

  • Special pricing for Iowa schools and AEAs
  • FREE shipping regardless of order size
  • Aggressive discounts on their entire catalog
  • Discounts on employee and student purchases to use at home*
    *please contact the sales representative listed below.
Take advantage of this contract today by ordering through the AEA Purchasing Marketplace or by contacting:

MNJ Technologies Direct
*Reference "Iowa AEA Purchasing" bid pricing on all quote requests and on POs/orders.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Additional Resources from AEA Purchasing's Food Program

School is just around the corner- can you believe it?  As you prepare to kick off the 21-22 school year, remember to reach out to the AEA Purchasing Foods Team with questions/needs.   While one of our main responsibilities is to procure food and supplies for our members, we are also available as resources to each of you!  Here are a few things we can assist you with. 

  • Mentorship (new and existing Directors / Managers)- “buddy up” with one of the AEA Purchasing Food Team Members and connect as much or as little as you would like.  Topics can include (but are not limited to): New Director Training- the basics of school nutrition; Continuing education program development for staff; Starting a Nutrition Advisory Panel that includes students and staff, etc.  

  • Menu Development- Kids getting tired of the same old menus? We can offer some popular options to spice things up! 

  • Budget Review- Reviewing menus, invoices and staffing schedules is right up our alley.
  • Resource Development- Do you have an idea for a great document or resource that would help school nutrition professionals?  Share your ideas with us!  Here are some of the resources we already provide:

The possibilities are truly endless!  Reach out to one of us today and let us know how we can help.

Barb Adams-

Meg Brink-

Clif Cameron-

Molly Gilmore- 

Not an AEA Purchasing Cooperative Food Member?  We would love the opportunity to talk… email

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Future of Learning

The future of learning is bright with CDWG! 

With many schools announcing their shift back to in-person learning, ensuring that students and educators have the tools they need to succeed is essential. Shop the AEA Purchasing/AEPA CDW-G contract and provide your students and staff with the modern equipment that allows them to collaborate, stay secure and create an agile learning and teaching environment.

For resources on boosting classroom engagement and new educator tools from Microsoft, as well as shop the CDWG catalog, click here!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Vendor Profile: NoodleTools


NoodleTools is an online platform promoting authentic research and original writing. 

AEA Purchasing is pleased to offer this product to Iowa schools at a discount off standard academic pricing. Free trial access is also available to allow you to try before you subscribe.

With NoodleTools, students and teams can collaborate in real-time, using integrated tools for source evaluation, note-taking, outlining, document archiving and citation.

For more information on our contract with NoodleTools and how you can subscribe, visit their profile page on our website or contact:

Damon Abilock
Bid reference: AEA Purchasing 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

On-Demand Webinar: LaunchPacks for Social Studies from Britannica!

Did you happen to miss the June webinars from Britannica on their latest Launch Packs for social studies? You can catch it all right here, on-demand! 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Webinar: AEA Purchasing & Kajeet, ECF Funding Options

Back by popular demand...AEA Purchasing and Kajeet webinar!

Date: July 20, 10:00-11:00 am CDT

To register:

AEA Purchasing and Kajeet are offering a FREE webinar announcing our NEW partnership! (This is a live re-broadcast of an earlier June webcast, which experienced technical difficulties.)

During this special seminar, join Kajeet’s Education Solutions Engineer Darren Bell, Regional Business Development Executive Chris Chambers and Regional Executive Director Chris Verthein, as they cover:

• A timely summary of ECF, CARES and other federal funding options/timing for Iowa school districts

• An overview of Kajeet and its technology-including Kajeet wireless education solutions and incentives: embedded LTE devices, WiFi hotspots for students, school bus WiFi, and more

• And a round of Q&A

This is a valuable solutions webinar when making plans to bridge the digital divide for your students and utilizing your ECF (Emergency Connectivity Funding), CARES Act funding or other ed tech grants that may be available to you.

Date: July 20, 10:00-11:00 am CDT
To register:

If you cannot attend the session, a recording will be made available afterwards.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you for the webinar!

Little learners, big potential!

Dream BIG, little learner!

Little learners learn BIG through hands-on discovery, which is why PITSCO is thrilled to unveil their first-ever assortment of early-learning manipulatives and activities. 

Working with industry experts, PITSCO has created resources that enable little hands to tap into the BIG potential inside every learner.                                                    

Shop Early Learning

Little Book. Little Hands. Big Potential!

Explore their entire assortment of early-learning resources with the Little Book catalog.

Be sure to enter AEPA22 at checkout for the exclusive discount of 2% off your purchase along with free shipping!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Get Hooked on Gale In Context: Elementary—Now with K-5 eBooks

With the latest enhancements to Gale In Context: Elementary, students have easy access to K-5 content—all in one place. This encourages them to move at their own pace through periodicals, videos, and more, to find information on a wide range of topics with kid-friendly visuals and prompts. To make it even easier for kids, they can now access your K-5 eBooks from Gale directly within Elementary. When reading these eBooks within Gale In Context: Elementary, students benefit from an environment designed for them, complete with a simplified eBook viewer and ReadSpeaker at the book level. Teachers can expand access and increase discovery by integrating Gale In Context: Elementary into your existing learning management system. 

To make it easier to provide K-5 eBooks to students, Gale has curated age-appropriate, engaging student eBook collections to safely introduce elementary students to the research process—and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Better yet, these collections are available for purchase by Iowa schools at a discount.

One of our favorite elementary student eBook collections, the Jump Start Collection, includes over 120 titles that cover each of the main topics on the Gale In Context: Elementary home page. It’s a budget-friendly way to add the depth of eBooks in multiple subject areas with a single purchase. 

Additionally, support student social and emotional learning with the Cameron’s Camp for Wellness Collection, providing targeted guidance on sensitive issues for K-5 students, teachers, and counselors. The collection of nearly 100 titles is designed to help students recognize and manage emotions, develop social skills, and stay safer. 

Whether at home or in the classroom, students can learn at a comfortable pace as they move through periodicals, videos, and now—for the first time—eBooks to find information that draws them into any topic. And teachers can use this dynamic resource to introduce basic research skills, enhance instruction, and encourage student engagement—all while integrating into your existing learning management system.

Iowa schools have free access to Gale In Context: Elementary through their AEA. And with geo-authentication, when students search for content on the open web, they can be granted product access without further prompt for authentication, simplifying access even further. Take full advantage of this kid-friendly database—now with the added power of eBooks—by bulking up your library of K-5 eBook collections designed specifically for elementary students. 

Iowa schools can save more than 15 percent off list price when they purchase complete eBook collection(s)—just be sure to reference AEA Purchasing. For more information or a demo, contact Gale Education Consultant Steven Wilson at or 800.877.GALE Ext. 18838. Alternatively, schedule a meeting here