Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Busch Systems: PPE Disposal Solutions

Busch Systems and AEA Purchasing are here to help Iowa schools re-open safely and meet your COVID-19 requirements. 

Is your facility equipped with PPE disposal receptacles? If not, Busch Systems can support your needs for PPE bins as well as antimicrobial recycling and waste receptacles. 

Learn more here about Busch System's PPE disposal solutions and other efforts your school can take to keep the spread of infectious bacteria at bay.

Busch Systems is an awarded vendor partner with AEA Purchasing. Contract discount available to all Iowa K-12 schools is 20% off MSRP on recycling and waste containers. Reference bid # 019-B to receive the contract discount.

For quotes or additional product information, contact:

Madeline Armstrong
1.800.565.9931 x1060

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

COVID-19 Supplies

UPDATED 6/30/2020

In light of current circumstances, AEA Purchasing would like to increase your awareness of vendor partners we have at-the-ready to serve your school and building needs for COVID-19 related supplies. Below you will find a listing of vendor partners that carry hand sanitizer, disinfectants, gloves and masks, etc.

*Please note, due to supply and demand and vendor policies during this unusual time, AEA Purchasing cannot guarantee any one vendor's inventory or availability of product. If you have concerns about ordering, please feel free to contact the vendor directly or AEA Purchasing staff.

Unless otherwise noted below, for vendor contact, ordering and contract information, click on the vendor's name to be taken to their information page on

School Health (Bid reference: Quote 3354243)
  • All PPE is currently on back order with no current ETA. It is suggested that orders continue to be placed as quickly as possible. Orders will be filled on a "first-in first-out" basis.
  • Contact Amanda Norcross ( for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “quote 3354243” to receive contract pricing.
School Nurse Supply (Bid reference: #AEA HEALTH 2018)
  • School Nurse Supply has exhausted inventories on face masks until August or September.
  • There is a limited supply on gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfecting products.
  • Contact Jeff Giesel ( for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEA Health 2018” to receive contract pricing.
State Industrial Products (Bid reference: 019-B)
  • Full line of cleaners and disinfectants available.
  • Contact Geno Vitraelli ( for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEPA 019-B” to receive contract pricing.
School Specialty (Bid reference: AEPA IFB 019)
Hillyard (Bid reference: AEPA 019-B)
  • Cleaners, disinfectants, masks, sanitizers, etc. are available.
  • Limited supply of gloves
  • Contact Randy Roth ( for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEPA 019-B” to receive contract pricing.
IPI (Bid reference: AEA Purchasing)
  • IPI has set up a special page on their website for COVID-19 solutions.
  • Orders for most of these products are not being accepted on the website due to somewhat limited supplies, although they do have stock of the items listed on it.
  • TO ORDER: Schools need to call in their orders to IPI Customer Service office (800-332-7922) and request the AEA discount.
National Business Furniture (Bid reference: AEPA Bid #018-D)
  • Acrylic sneeze guards: View specs online here
  • Acrylic guards are the number one solution for keeping your facility healthy and safe amid return-to-work efforts. Place these transparent guards on counters, tables, and between desks to minimize transmission and contamination while maintaining visibility. 
  • Contact Pattie Stephens (800-558-1010 ext. 2203, for quotes, product information or to place an order.
  • Use "AEPA Bid #018-D" to receive contract pricing. 
Busch Systems (Bid reference: AEPA Bid #019-B)
  • PPE Disposal Bins
  • Antimicrobial Recycling & Waste Containers
  • Contact Madeline Armstrong (1.800.565.9931 x1060, for quotes, product information or to place an order.
  • Use "AEPA Bid #019-B" to receive contract pricing.
FSG Lighting (Bid Reference: AEPA IFB 018-B LED Lighting)
  • UV and germicidal lighting solutions
  • Contact Alyssa Mika (855-642-1109,, for quotes, product information or to place an order.
  • Use "AEPA Bid #018-B LED Lighting" to receive contract pricing.
Cedar Graphics (Ordering window: June 26th through July 7th)
  • Plastic face shields
  • Vinyl floor graphics
  • Orders are to be placed during the ordering window of 6/26/20 through 7/7/20.
  • Order online at
  • Contact Justin McDonald (,319.395.6917) for specific product/order questions. 
List of PPE Resources -- CIRAS (Center for Industrial Research and Service) office at ISU

Regardless of what you order or who you order from, all vendors highly encourage ordering early as well as ordering for only what you need for a specified amount of time (1 month supply vs 6 month supply) to help in allocation of resources and to avoid stockpiling, product spoilage, etc.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Vendor Feature: SHI


Looking for IT products and services that are easy on your school's budget? Look no further than the AEA Purchasing contract with SHI International!

SHI International was awarded the following items through AEA Purchasing's statewide technology bid:
  • Anywhere Charging Carts
  • SeaGate External Hard Drive
  • Kensington Presentation Remote & Splitter
  • Multi-Card Reader
  • Digital Storage
  • MakerBot 3D Printer
  • Wireless Adapter
  • Airtame
  • Logitech Video Collaboration Camera
Items can be purchased via the AEA Purchasing Marketplace portal or by contacting:

Kyle Thomas

Be sure to reference "STB2020AEAPURCH" when contacting SHI to insure contract pricing! All Iowa PK-12 schools and Area Education Agencies (AEAs) are eligible to purchase.

SHI is the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States and ranks 8th on CRN's Solution Provider 500 list of North American IT solution providers. Founded in 1989, SHI is headquartered in Somerset, N.J., and has over 4,200 employees.

For more information on contract details or how to order using AEA Purchasing Marketplace, contact Laurie Hoing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Vendor Feature: Britannica Digital Learning

In addition to what is provided via Iowa AEA Online, Britannica Digital Learning is offering discounts on other supplemental products to help build your digital resource library!

Available resources include:
  • ImageQuest 
  • Britannica Original Sources 
  • LaunchPacks-Social Studies
  • eBooks 
  • LaunchPacks-Science
  • Britannica Academic
  • Britannica Library
  • Britannica Pathways Science
In addition to digital resources, all Britannica print products listed in the Britannica catalog will be offered at discounted prices to all Iowa K-12 schools. Request your quote today! Contact: 

Laurel Greene, Education Consultant

*Be sure to reference AEA Purchasing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Vendor Profile: Intrado SchoolMessenger

Over 20 years, many Iowa school administrators have come to rely on Intrado SchoolMessenger communication products.

Now, with COVID-19 upon us, having a trusted, established communications platform is more important than ever. Regardless if your district is heading back to the classroom in the fall, learning remotely, or doing some mixture thereof, you need communication channels that work, and you need to be able to maintain a safe environment for your school community, wherever they may be located.

Solve all your school communication needs here. 

Below are a few featured products that solve those needs for Iowa schools (act by June 30 to get special end-of-the-year pricing for AEA members).

  • NEW! Intrado Safety Shield – Ensure a safe return to school in the fall with this unique end-to-end safety management system complete with tools for the new normal (like escalating wellness check-ins & complete safety drill management).

    Safety Shield is the perfect solution for meeting Iowa Reunification Plan standards, it even has tools to help identify and locate missing students and ensure that students are only reunited with custodial parents and guardians.

    Put safety in the hands of your staff members with our digital EOPs-critical for making sure new CDC guidelines are adhered to / give staff a panic button that provides first responders with full situational awareness (floor plans, door access codes, onsite contact info, and more).

  • SchoolMessenger Presence – Like this website? It’s made on SchoolMessenger Presence & yours can be too. Our attractive, accessible designs look great on any device and have an easy-to-use website management interface. Various levels of design are available to meet your needs.

  • SchoolMessenger Communicate – The most trusted school notification product in North America. Relied on by 65,000 schools and the majority of Iowa districts to send timely text/email/voice/social/RSS/push notifications. Keep all parents engaged with fully equitable communication channels. Includes a free app for parent/teacher messaging and parent preference controls.
Intrado looks forward to continuing to partner with AEA Purchasing and solving communication needs for school districts just as we have for the past 20 years. Learn more about all of our products for Iowa schools here or contact:

Jeff Jennings
SchoolMessenger | Intrado Solutions
888-527-5225 x1426
Contract reference: WCM2015AEAPURCH

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Vendor Feature: Schoology

Schoology puts collaboration at the heart of the learning experience with an easy-to-use LMS that connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education.  Millions of people from over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities worldwide use Schoology to improve student outcomes.  

Schoology also has a Common Formative Assessment platform designed to help districts build, manage and measure Common Assessments to understand student growth and impact instruction.

Iowa schools interested in Schoology have an opportunity to save when using the AEA Purchasing contract to make a purchase. For quotes using our special pricing, reference "AEA Purchasing" and reach out to Amanda Rice

Visit Schoology's profile page on the AEA Purchasing website for more information.

Links for additional reading:

Friday, May 29, 2020

Summer Paper Buy Extended thru June 12!

The ordering window for our Summer '20 paper buy has been extended! Orders are now being accepted by The Paper Corporation through June 12, 2020! 

Complete information and order forms are available online.

Go to: "Paper Buy-AEA Purchasing".

Bid Features Include:
*Wide variety of paper weights, colors and sizes
*Additional discounts for orders of 840+ cartons of white
*Letter and catalog envelopes

Questions? Contact Laurie today!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Vendor Feature: WTI/Tremco

Our WTI/Tremco contract is great for all your roofing needs. Whether you need just the materials or are looking at a restoration or complete replacement project, consult with WTI/Tremco for an economic and professional solution.

Pricing varies depending on project specifications. Contact WTI/Tremco for a project quote. Be sure to reference our bid number, AEPA IFB 017-F!

Jeremy Yoder

Additional links:
High Performance Kids Need High Performance Buildings
7 Fatal Mistakes of Roof Restoration

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Continuing Education Opportunities for School Nutrition Professionals

AEA Purchasing is happy to help Iowa school nutrition professionals find opportunities for continuing their education. Information on how to access a number of continuing education and learning opportunities is provided below.

Additionally, please review the USDA professional standards summary flyer for specifics on the minimum professional standards requirements for school nutrition professionals who manage and operate the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. 

Self-directed learning from Iowa Learning Online:
Select "Iowa Learning Online Professional Development" and "School Meal Programs Tutorials" to access courses.  When joining for the first time, please create an account; use enrollment key "schoolmeals".

Iowa Department of Education Bureau of Nutrition & Health Services, Learning Tools - Webinars/Trainings:

Institute of Child Nutrition E-learning Portal:
Registration is required, but this service is free to child nutrition professionals.

School Nutrition Association - ELearning on Demand:
Scroll down to review member versus non-member registration

United State Department of Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Services:
Free and low-cost training resources

Iowa State University Extension (food safety trainings):

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Vendor Feature: Student News Net

Student News Net is a resource for original educational content aligned to principles of learning that authentically engages students and teachers. As a research proven database, Student News Net is unique with its focus on literature related to one-of-a-kind articles that include scaffolding to support literacy and student achievement.

New feature for the 2020-2021 school year
To honor the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (V-E) Day on May 8, 2020, Student News Net has developed a featured unit on the WWII Home Front. Anchored by literature and primary source interviews, the unit follows a blended learning model. In development for one year, the unit quickly adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Included are current event articles on private industry stepping up as companies did in the time period known as the “Arsenal of Democracy” during World War II and a graphic novel explaining the importance of hand-washing. One article recently developed features a distillery that quickly added a production line to make hand sanitizer. Another article features the story of the Smith family from New Castle, Indiana who sent five sons off to war that is linked to the Student News Net series of articles on the Sullivan brothers from Waterloo and the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum. The unit also includes interviews with original "Rosies" and a visit to the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, a National Historic Landmark as the most historically significant remaining WWII canteen. Women volunteers and The Salvation Army kept the canteen open 24/7 for four years from 1942-1946 serving 1.2 million soldiers who briefly stopped at the Dennison depot, a hub for the Pennsylvania Railroad. One anchor book in the multidisciplinary unit is The Mold in Dr. Florey’s Coat by Eric Lax that explores the discovery and mass production of penicillin during WWII. This unit contains six comprehensive lesson plans, with assessments and related multimedia, that will be posted on Student News Net in early July 2020.

Other featured units to debut in July include a unit on the civil rights movement, the Holocaust, COVID-19, birds and birding, and weather.

Finally, for the 2020-2021 school year, a feature to support student voice will be available on Student News Net to more deeply engage students in content and their community.

For more information, contact Judy S. Miller at Discounts are available through AEA Purchasing on a variety of subscription models.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Vendor Feature: Complete Book & Media Supply

Awarded in March 2020, Complete Book & Media Supply is a single-source, wholesale distributor of books, journals, subscriptions, audio books, DVDs and digital media.

Per our contract, discounts vary based on type, publisher and quantity ordered. Bulk discounts are available if ordering more than 25 copies of one title. For these occasions, it's suggested to request a quote for best pricing.

Additional offers from Complete Book & Supply can be found here.

All Iowa schools and AEAs are eligible to purchase using this contract. Reference contract "AEPA IFB 020-C" to order using our contract.

For specific vendor and product questions, reach out to:

Complete Book and Media Supply
Kendall Montiegel and Sandra Vanelli

Friday, May 8, 2020

Husqvarna Automowers are Here!

Husqvarna automowers are here, just in time for spring!

Low noise
0 emission
Care free lawn maintenance
and more! 

Check them out today! 

For product questions, contract information for to order under the AEA Purchasing contract, contact:

Jake Breig

Husqvarna is pleased to provide the best pricing available to Iowa schools through the AEA Purchasing contract. This includes:

30% discount on commercial zero turn mowers
20% discount on handheld outdoor power equipment
10% discount on automowers (robotic mowers)
15% discount on attachments and accessories

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Vendor Profile: Adventure Lighting

Brighten up your classrooms and hallways with efficient energy solutions and products from Adventure Lighting!

Based in Des Moines, Adventure Lighting and AEA Purchasing are happy to promote discounts on light bulbs and ballasts as part of the State of Iowa-DAS contract.

Adventure Lighting, Inc. is a 39 year-old company specializing in the sale of lamps, ballasts and fixtures to the commercial/industrial market of central Iowa. Their knowledgeable staff can assist with everything from locating hard to find bulbs, to assisting with energy audits to lower utility bills. 

For more information on how Adventure Lighting can help you save on your next lighting project, contact:

Brian Huff