Tuesday, October 20, 2020

COVID-19 Supplies

UPDATED 10/20/2020

In light of current circumstances, AEA Purchasing would like to increase your awareness of vendor partners we have at-the-ready to serve your school and building needs for COVID-19 related supplies. Below you will find a listing of vendor partners that carry hand sanitizer, disinfectants, gloves and masks, etc.

*Please note, due to supply and demand and vendor policies during this unusual time, AEA Purchasing cannot guarantee any one vendor's inventory or availability of product. If you have concerns about ordering, please feel free to contact the vendor directly or AEA Purchasing staff.

Unless otherwise noted below, for vendor contact, ordering and contract information, click on the vendor's name to be taken to their information page on www.aeapurchasing.org.

School Health (Bid reference: Quote 3354243)
  • Masks (surgical, cloth, KN95), Face shields, Gowns, Hand sanitizer, Disinfectants, Wipes, Thermometers, Desk Dividers, Countertop Sneeze Guards, Covid Signage, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Air purifiers
  • Gloves - if ordered now (Oct.), expect delivery around December
  • If you are in need of something specific, it is strongly suggested that you reach out to Amanda Norcross (anorcross@schoolhealth.com) directly.
  • Use “quote 3354243” to receive contract pricing.
School Nurse Supply (Bid reference: #AEA HEALTH 2018)
  • Hand sanitizers and stands, alcohol prep pads, alcohol surface disinfecting wipes, disposable face masks (adult, child), face shields, isolation gowns, non-contact infrared thermometers, pulse oximeter
  • Gloves: (1 case limit per size) 
  • Contact Jeff Giesel (jgiesel@schoolnursesupply.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEA Health 2018” to receive contract pricing.
State Industrial Products (Bid reference: 019-B)
  • Full line of cleaners and disinfectants available.
  • Contact Geno Vitraelli (evitraelli@statechemical.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEPA 019-B” to receive contract pricing.
School Specialty (Bid reference: AEPA IFB 019)
Hillyard (Bid reference: AEPA 019-B)
  • Adult and child size masks are available with no limits on order quantities.
  • Contact Randy Roth (RandyRoth@hillyard.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEPA 019-B” to receive contract pricing.
IPI (Bid reference: AEA Purchasing)
  • IPI has set up a special page on their website for COVID-19 solutions.
  • Orders for most of these products are not being accepted on the website due to somewhat limited supplies, although they do have stock of the items listed on it.
  • TO ORDER: Schools need to call in their orders to IPI Customer Service office (800-332-7922) and request the AEA discount.
National Business Furniture (Bid reference: AEPA Bid #018-D)
Busch Systems (Bid reference: AEPA Bid #019-B)
FSG Lighting (Bid Reference: AEPA IFB 018-B LED Lighting)
  • UV and germicidal lighting solutions
  • Contact Alyssa Mika (855-642-1109, aepa@fsgi.com, www.AEPA.lighting) for quotes, product information or to place an order.
  • Use "AEPA Bid #018-B LED Lighting" to receive contract pricing.
Partac Peat (Bid Reference: AEPA-AEA Bid #018.5C"
B&H Photo (Bid Reference: 81952525870 STB2020AEAPURCH) 
  • Face masks & shields, gloves
  • Partition room dividers, sneeze guards
  • Sanitizers/sterilization, hand sanitizer stations, air purifiers
  • Temperature screening
  • Order: Carla F. Humphreys, 212.239.7500 x2069, carlah@BandH.com
  • Use "81952525870 STB2020AEAPURCH" to receive contract pricing
Regardless of what you order or who you order from, all vendors highly encourage ordering early as well as ordering for only what you need for a specified amount of time (1 month supply vs 6 month supply) to help in allocation of resources and to avoid stockpiling, product spoilage, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Today is Iowa Local Food day!

Today is Iowa Local Food Day! AEA Purchasing is proud to support our area schools in their efforts of buy to buy and serve from local supplier. 

On this very special day, participating K-12 school districts, colleges childcare centers and homes are encourage to serve menus featuring local ingredients. To participate, sites must serve at least 2 local items for breakfast or lunch. 

Iowa Local Food Day is an initiative from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship as a way to bring together all sectors of Farm to School to celebrate Iowa-grown food! Earmarks of this day include:

  • Providing a strong support network
  • Aiding food service directors in local food procurement
  • Engaging farmers in growing and selling to schools
  • Helping farmers ramp up school sales by working on a smaller scale with Summer Food Service Programs (SFSP)
  • Allowing Farm to School activities to expand beyond fruits and vegetables
  • Raising awareness of the Farm to School program across the state
For more information on this initiative, visit https://www.iowalocalfoodday.org/.

New from Rosetta: Rosetta Stone English!

Rosetta Stone is very excited to expand their partnership with AEA Purchasing to include their groundbreaking new English learning program, Rosetta Stone English!

Rosetta Stone English is an adaptive, blended learning program designed for K-6 Emergent Bilinguals (also known as English learners). The program is completely aligned to ELPA21 standards and provides educators with real-time progress data within ELPA21 bands while highlighting specific areas where learners may be struggling so teachers are able to maximize their valuable instructional time with their students.

Emergent Bilingual students are celebrated within the program and their heritage language and culture is treated as an asset. Instruction is delivered through 17 characters, each of them having their own rich backstory, heritage language and culture that students learn while progressing throughout the program. Learners are able to see a reflection of themselves while they learn in these characters, which increases engagement.

Rosetta Stone will continue to offer Foundations for K-12 for World Language as well as for English learners in grades 7-12. Effective immediately, all orders will include online Professional Development sessions with Rosetta Stone's Training team to ensure that their solutions are as effective as possible for every school and district's unique needs.

For additional information regarding Rosetta Stone's language learning solutions, please reach out to:

Ben Steelman
Mobile: 540-705-4739

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

"Now Playing: School Lunch!"

October 12-16 is National School Lunch Week!  This year's theme is "Now Playing: School Lunch!"  

Did you know that the National School Lunch Program serves nearly 30 million children each school day?  

AEA Purchasing is proud to work with schools all across Iowa to help with food procurement. 

Check out https://schoolnutrition.org/meetings/events/nslw/2020/ to learn more about National School Lunch Week and ways your school can celebrate! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Vendor Profile: Proquest


ProQuest provides a broad catalog of online resources and tools that help students improve their research skills and spark their curiosity. 

In addition to database, newspaper and eBook collections on a variety of subjects, ProQuest also offers the following tools to assist with research instruction and learning:

  • CultureGrams® helps students understand the world around them and think critically about global cultures.
  • SIRS® Discoverer® enables young researchers to develop research, writing, language and computer skills.
  • eLibrary® makes it easy for students to choose research topics and support their research claims.
In partnership with AEA Purchasing, ProQuest is pleased to offer discounted pricing on their products to Iowa schools. For more information, visit their profile page here on our website or contact:

David Ulrich ,Account Manager for K-12 Sales              
800-521-0600 (Dial by name)

Friday, October 2, 2020

We Are AEA Purchasing!


At AEA Purchasing, our vision is to collaborate with Iowa schools in providing a world-class student experience. We do that by offering ethical procurement services, resources, and support to ensure prudent use of school resources.

Our staff show up for Iowa's schools every day, driven by the core values of honesty and integrity. Every ounce of effort put into our operations is guided by the philosophy of  providing strategic sourcing and sensational service. 

The next time you are in need of assistance with any area of your procurement or would like more information on how AEA Purchasing's services can help lighten your workload, please reach out to one of the friendly folks below.

We are AEA Purchasing!

Barb Adams | Administrative Assistant–Food
Office Location: Cedar Falls
In 2018, Barb came to AEA Purchasing to assist with day to day operations and facilitate the partnership between awarded vendors, manufacturer representatives and members of our food program.

Meg Brink, RD, LD, SNS | Food Program Consultant
Office Location: Elkader

Since 2016, Meg has supported school nutrition professionals across the great state of Iowa with child nutrition program (CNP) advocacy, procurement of foodservice related goods and services, education opportunities and assistance to ensure compliance with USDA-FNS CNP policy expectations.

Clif Cameron | Food Program Consultant
Office Location: Dubuque
Clif is a new addition to the AEA Purchasing team with over 16 years in the food service industry, including the past six as a school foodservice director. Clif is excited to bring his knowledge and passion for food and school nutrition to the AEA Purchasing group.

Molly Gilmore, MS, RD, LD | Food Program Consultant
Office Location: Sioux Center
Molly Gilmore is new to AEA Purchasing. Her background as a dietitian includes clinical, population health, and foodservice experience. Molly looks forward to meeting new people and helping them with their food program needs.

Laurie Hoing, CPPB | Purchasing Coordinator
Office Location: Johnston
Laurie joined AEA Purchasing in 2015 and brought with her 14+ years of
public procurement experience. She handles all technology and library related procurement activities and contracts, and also facilitates the twice-a-year paper bid.

Joni Puffett | Purchasing Coordinator
Office Location: Delhi
Since 2009, Joni has helped Iowa schools and AEAs meet their procurement needs by playing an active role in cooperative procurement advocacy, agency marketing, and contract administration for a variety of contracts across multiple purchasing programs.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Vendor Profile: Midwest Computer Products


Midwest Computer Products is an awarded vendor partner serving our Statewide Technology Buy as well as our offering of interactive touchscreen displays.

In addition to a discount on all items in their product catalog, the following items are available at line-item bid cost:

  • Spectrum & Dukane Charging Carts
  • iPad Document Camera Stand (Dukane)
  • Lumens DC125 Document Camera
  • Various Epson and BenQ Projectors and Lamps
  • Da-Lite Screens
  • BenQ Interactive Touchscreens
Bid reference: STB2020AEAPURCH

For additional contract information and how to order from Midwest Computer Products, visit their profile page on our website or contact:

Midwest Computer Products
Sean Bolton, Western Iowa
Mobile: 210-639-1634

Adam O'Rourke, Eastern Iowa
Mobile: 319-750-7362

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Vendor Profile: NoodleTools


NoodleTools is an online platform promoting authentic research and original writing. 

AEA Purchasing is pleased to offer this product to Iowa schools at a discount off standard academic pricing. Free trial access is also available to allow you to try before you subscribe.

With NoodleTools, students and teams can collaborate in real-time, using integrated tools for source evaluation, note-taking, outlining, document archiving and citation.

For more information on our contract with NoodleTools and how you can subscribe, visit their profile page on our website or contact:

Damon Abilock
Bid reference: AEA Purchasing 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Vendor Profile: Bobcat


Bobcat is known to manufacture tough, agile and versatile equipment that fosters a sense of pride and inspires confidence on every job site, and it is with great pride that AEA Purchasing has partnered with Bobcat to provide Iowa schools with deep discounts on select lines of Bobcat equipment.

Products currently available on the contract include:

  • Tractors
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Mini-Track Loaders
  • Small Articulating Loaders
  • Toolcats™

For more information on how to purchase your next piece of equipment from Bobcat, visit their profile page on our website or contact:

Jesse Rheault
Bid reference: 020-E

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Being Ready for Back-to-School Has a Whole New Meaning

We all look forward to the day schools can once again be filled with learning, collaboration and
community. But we know we must come back together in a way where everyone can be safe, feel
secure and keep learning effectively.

As experts in educational solutions and school safety, we've brought together a wide variety of products
designed to meet the demands of this time and the needs of your school community. These areas

Safe Spaces: Enabling clean environments, safe hygiene and personal protection.

Social Distancing: Helping everyone stay safely separated yet still feel connected.

Hybrid Learning: From print to digital, in school and at home, help learning happen everywhere.

Social Emotional: Helping students feel secure in their environment, ready to learn and succeed.

The selection will continue to grow, so check back often or contact your sales rep to partner with you to
craft solutions for your unique situation. Check out our resources at www.schoolspecialty.com/SafeBTS.

In addition to useful product selections, School Specialty has put together relevant blog articles to help
you as you rethink your school spaces, how to “Overcome the COVID Slide”, Best Practices for
Reopening Schools and many more useful topics. Check out all our blog has to offer at

For more information on School Specialty, contact Courtney Kokjohn at Courtney.kokjohn@schoolspecialty.com

For more information on AEA Purchasing's partnership with School Specialty and how you can save on your next purchase, visit School Specialty's profile page on the AEA Purchasing website.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PPE Now Available from School Nurse Supply

 Check out the latest PPE now available from School Nurse Supply! Be sure to reference AEA HEALTH 2018 to receive contract benefits!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Get to Know Partac Peat-Beam Clay!

BEAM CLAY® began nearly 100 years ago to provide clay to the new US Open natural clay tennis courts in 1922.  Later it began supplying clay to the NY Yankees and eventually sold products to every MLB team, most minor  league teams, and thousands of colleges, schools, and towns in all 50 states and in over 30 countries.  We now supply over 10,000 products for all sports with natural or synthetic surfaces.  Our signature and unique BEAM CLAY® surfaces are available for baseball, softball, cricket, tennis, bocce, horseshoes, track, equestrian arenas, BMX tracks, etc., in bulk or bags thru AEPA for all 50 states and all climates from plants across the USA.

Although BEAM CLAY® supplies thousands of products as diverse as bases, ball netting, wall padding, and windscreen, supplying baseball and softball facilities with infield mixes, mound and batter’s box clay, and red warning tracks remains our core business from our unique clay mines.

What makes BEAM CLAY® so special, especially for baseball/softball infields?  BEAM CLAY® is able to control the silt content of its mixes.  Silt plugs up drainage causing infields to require more conditioners and work and time to make infields playable in wet conditions.  In dry weather, silt increases compaction and makes infields hard, dusty, and harder to maintain.  Silt separates and increases wind and water erosion and consequently requires replacement more often.  Many infield mixes on the market contain 33% or more silt.  We keep silt as low as possible in our BEAM CLAY® infield mixes (under 10% and generally around 3-4%) and that is one of the reasons why our infield mixes play and maintain so much better.  

Partac looks forward to continuing to partner with AEA Purchasing and solving your needs for Athletic Equipment & Supplies for K-12, higher ed, private schools and cities & towns. Learn more about all of our products for Iowa schools here or contact:

Denise Pierce | Bid Manager
One Kelsey Park | Great Meadows, NJ  07838
800.247.BEAM [2326], 908.637.4191, Fax 908.637.8421
Contract Reference:  AEPA Athletic Equipment & Supplies 18.5C 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Husqvarna August Specials!

Check out the latest deals on Husqvarna zero-turn mowers and top-handle saws in their "August 2020 Promotions" slide deck, found here!

Iowa schools and Area Education Agencies receive up to 27% off MSRP on these makes and models. View the slide deck for complete pricing and ordering details!

  • HUSQVARNA –Z554X (Zero-turn mower)
  • HUSQVARNA –Z548 (Zero-turn mower)
  • HUSQVARNA –Z560 (Zero-turn mower)
  • HUSQVARNA –T540XP (Top-handle saw)
Contract details and information is available here.