Monday, April 15, 2024

April Knowledge Bites with SchoolsPLP

Join the growing number of schools making the change to SchoolsPLP, a quickly growing credit recovery/alt-ed virtual program in Iowa.

Do your students need something more engaging? 

  • Netflix meets Education: New courses, 4k images, built-in AI beaters, videos that range from 30 seconds to 4 minutes... These are just a few of the things designed to keep students interested in learning.

Do your students need more course options? 

  • SchoolsPLP has 1800 courses available, including 500+ CTE courses from eDynamic & Pointful Education (included in the cost of the license)    

Are you worried about the process of making a program change?

  • There is still time to take advantage of the New Customer License, allowing you to do the set-up, training, & on-boarding now but pay on your next budget cycle.

If you need a refresher on why SchoolsPLP is different, we have two more Knowledge Bites scheduled. Register here:   

*Under our competitively bid contract (#AEPA IFB 024-C), Iowa schools receive contract/volume pricing based on implementation needs.

Upcoming Sessions on SchoolsPLP 

  • April 18th, 12-1pm
  • April 30th, 12-1pm

For more information, reach out to:

Aaron Eusterwiemann
Educational Design Solutions

Book a Time via Calendly 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

PITSCO Partnership With Twin Science

With PITSCO and Twin Science, you can now infuse STEAM learning in your classroom with curiosity and creativity.

Empower your students to explore ways to help others and improve the planet using technology. Through the hands-on projects and curriculum, your students will investigate sustainable, technological solutions to a variety of real-world problems.

For Classroom Learning:
Robotics and Coding School Kit (92839): Designed for the classroom, the Twin Science Robotics and Coding School Kit enables you to introduce Grades 5-6 students to technology, coding, robotics, and sustainability topics.
For Out-of-School Learning: 
Use these hands-on kits in elementary settings such as after-school programs, summer camps, clubs, and more!

Explore them all on!

When shopping directly with Pitsco Education, don’t forget to use code AEPACTE at checkout for your exclusive AEA Purchasing/AEPA discount. Valid through May 2026.

To start your conversation with PITSCO, contact:

Preston Frazier, Iowa Sales
Contract #AEPA 022.5-B AEPACTE
800-835-0686 Ext. 4559
Order Support:

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

How Students Bypass School Filtering - Deledao

Students are a resourceful bunch so it should be no surprise that many have discovered ways to bypass school filtering systems. Before we explore the challenges this creates, let's take a quick look at how students sometimes use proxy websites to bypass school filters.

How to Get Around School Content Filtering

The internet is a vast and ever-evolving landscape, and tech-savvy students can very easily locate detailed directions on how to get around school content filtering. A multitude of online resources, some hidden in plain sight, offer students step-by-step guides on "how to get around school filters." These resources often point them towards proxy websites...

Click here to read the full article on Deledao's blog.

Download a ProxyGuard flier 
View 2 min ProxyGuard demo

Interested? Contact Jasen Whetstone with Deledao to begin your conversation. Using the AEA Purchasing/AEPA contract (AEPA 021-G), Iowa schools receive a discount on Deledao services. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Story Everyone Will Love

Have you ever walked into a school and felt like you were transported into learning spaces from decades or even centuries ago? In these moments, it becomes clear that many of today’s learning spaces are not the result of thoughtful strategy; instead, these spaces have been shaped by the momentum of tradition and thousands of micro-decisions that weren’t made over the years.

Think about the message this outdated design sends about the school’s values and priorities. Consider the story that takes shape in your mind about what the learning experience is like there. Notice how much you already feel you know about the place just from evaluating the space design.  

Your own spaces are telling a story, too. Do you know what it is? More importantly, who is in control of the narrative? 

Every space has potential waiting to be unlocked. To get there, you must first win support from teachers, students, families, and your community. That means crafting a compelling narrative about why space design matters and how it supports kids’ success, then marketing that narrative effectively. You’ll need to tell your story, repeat your story, and unpack your story to make sure it’s the one that sticks.  

For more insight and advice on how to share your story with your community, continue reading here on Demco's blog. Demco is an awarded vendor partner with AEA Purchasing providing bid pricing on school and other learning environment furniture.

To begin your conversation with Demco, contact:

Andrea Jones
Contract #AEPA 022-A, Bid # C10903

Monday, April 8, 2024

Lighting Energy Study - The Retrofit Companies

Upgrades to building and facility lighting have grown in popularity across the country. As technology improves, bulb manufacturers continually push out products that are more eco-friendly, more efficient, and more beneficial to your budget long term. With so many options and customizable solutions available, where do you start? The answer is with a Lighting Energy Study from The Retrofit Companies (TRC).

In short, TRC’s Lighting Energy Study provides a complete assessment of where a building or campus currently sits regarding lighting and efficiency and identifies what areas to prioritize and budget for in the future. The study covers areas of opportunity to further reduce energy costs and consumption, what a turnkey project might look like, what specific upgrades would save in energy and maintenance costs, and what utility incentives are available. 

Through a competitively bid contract available from AEA Purchasing, a Lighting Energy Study from TRC is available to Iowa schools at a reduced price of $0.04/sq. ft. If a school ends up working with TRC on a project, TRC will reimburse the school for the study amount of the project.

  • For more information on the TRC Lighting Energy Study, click here

  • For more details on the approach and the audit process, click here.

Maintenance Savings at Red Wing Schools
Red Wing Schools (MN) purchased a Lighting Energy Study to assess all 8 of their campus buildings. From that study, a project plan was developed that addressed their lighting upgrade needs (consistent product specs, improved light levels, color-tuning SPED lighting, etc.). The details provided in the study allowed them to allocate funds and explain to the school board what they were getting and what they were saving.

A project summary and video is available here

If your district is interested in developing a big-picture plan that addresses non-construction, lighting-only needs and how to properly budget for them, TRC is ready to help! To begin your conversation, contact:

The Retrofit Companies
Jake Andrist
Contract # CPC RFP 24.5 – Lighting Audit Services & LED Solutions
Sales and Marketing Manager