Monday, February 6, 2023

How Proactive Asset Management Can Maximize Your Building Life Cycles

When it comes to managing your roofing and building envelope assets, you shouldn’t “expect the unexpected” – you can plan for it. 

Here’s an all-too-common scenario: leaking roofs are the first indication of a problem, and by the time the cause is discovered, warranties have lapsed, and the only option is an expensive, total roof replacement. Letting roofs “run to failure” is costly, disruptive, and can be avoided by taking a proactive “asset management” approach. 

Being truly proactive is about continually monitoring your roofs and building envelopes, consistently conducting inspections/diagnostics/ maintenance, and then doing restoration projects before replacement is the only option. And that’s where significant cost savings lie – especially when it comes to your roofs. Roof replacements cost significantly more than roof restoration. And roof replacement projects have greater disruptions, longer project cycle times, and higher labor and material costs, not to mention negative environmental impact and landfill waste.

The following graphic illustrates the difference between the traditional approach versus what we call the “ManagedAssets” approach:

By investing in proactive maintenance, on a scheduled basis, you can avoid the cycle of unplanned leaks and repairs. Whether you have one or many facilities to manage, keeping abreast of maintenance issues alone can be daunting. That’s why AEA awarded vendor Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance and affiliated construction services company Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. (WTI) offer a unique single-source program to manage your roofing assets for you, long-term. Ultimately, you’ll save money by addressing urgent issues before they necessitate costly replacements. Proper inspections, maintenance, and restoration can, over time, significantly lower your dollars spent per square foot per year. Say you have 20 buildings totaling one million square feet of roofing. If 40% of that inventory is restorable, that'd be 400,000 square feet. At an approximate savings of $15 per square foot with restoration over replacements, you're looking at a savings of $6 million. 

The patented three-part program provides expert inventory assessment, prioritized construction, and scheduled maintenance so you know what you have, spend your money wisely, and keep your roofs and building envelopes operational for as long as possible. Here’s how it works.

Maximum Performance: Plan for it

Step 1: Know what you have. 
Experts from WTI inspect structural components and underlying conditions, then program their findings into OLI, our comprehensive On-Line Information tool. This may include CAD drawings, specifications, budget plans, recommendations, and more – everything you need for an accurate picture of your roofing inventory that you can use to create plans.  

- Number of roofs; retrofits
- Types of roofs and manufacturers, flashing and insulation
- Number and types of penetrations
- Age of roofs
- Conditions of roofs, priority needs
- Warranties and specifications by roof level
- Diagnostics and findings

Step 2. Prioritize what you have. 
By ranking your roofs and other building envelope components by their condition and degree of deterioration, you can prioritize necessary projects and decide where and when to allocate resources.  Depending upon your needs and budget, your plan may combine maintenance, repairs, restoration, and replacement, eliminating leak repairs as well as costly unplanned system replacements.

- Maintain the good
- Restore the marginal
- Replace only when failed
- Build a 10-20 Year Plan

3. Protect what you have.
With turnkey, single-source post-construction services for your entire building envelope, Tremco enables you to keep your building envelope watertight for a fixed term and at a fixed price by performing these services on a defined schedule. We’ll do this through:

- Performance Warranties – review existing and eligibility of renewals 
- Proactive Preventive Maintenance

“Planning for it” and being proactive about maintenance can be a game changer for your facility management expenditures. To learn more, please contact Jake Hill at or Jeremy Yoder at or call the Des Moines office at 515.208.4241. You may also visit

As a manufacturer of roofing materials since 1928, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance offers a breadth and depth of roofing systems for every environment, and the technical know-how to solve our customers’ biggest problems. And because our affiliated construction services company WTI offers turnkey maintenance, repair, roof management, and general contracting services for the entire building envelope, we have the unique ability to provide a total solution to maximize building performance and our customers’ return on investment. Tremco Roofing and WTI are part of Tremco Construction Products Group. Tremco Roofing/WTI solutions are available through the AEA Cooperative Contract for speed, quality, and compliance. Reference bid # AEPA IFB 021-D.

Friday, February 3, 2023

February Vendor Promos

Have you checked out the latest info and specials from our vendor partners?

What are you waiting for? 

Check out our February vendor promotions today! 

Content is added throughout the month. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Technology News

Great things are happening within our Technology purchasing program. Here's what's up:

The Statewide Technology Buy contracts were renewed in January and will be in place through December 31, 2023. These contracts include the following vendors and products:

Catalog Discount

  • Lightspeed Technologies - 22% off entire catalog
  • Camcor, Inc.- 3% off entire catalog
  • Scott Electric - 5% off lamps – includes bulbs in aftermarket cages & also original lamps
  • ACCO Brands USA, LLC -  40% off catalog
  •, Inc - 6% off entire technology catalog


  • Innovative Office Supplies - Batteries, varying sizes

Computers & Accessories

  • JourneyEd - Hardware & Software
  • Innovative Office Supplies - Presentation Remote
  • Innovative Office Supplies - Digital Storage

Document Cameras

  • Midwest Computer Products - Elmo Models
  • ACCO/GBC - Discovery 1100

Generic Office Supplies

  • Innovative Office Supplies - Sanford Brand Markers
  • Innovative Office Supplies - Universal 3-ring binders & Fellows binding combs
  • Innovative Office Supplies - Digital Storage
*Contract pricing on additional office supplies is available through and School Specialty. Both vendors have a HUGE catalog of essentials to meet your needs.

Interactive Touchscreens & Accessories

  • Midwest Computer Products -.BENQ Models
  • Midwest Computer Products - Boxlight ProColor Models

Lamination Equipment and Film

  • ACCO/GBC - GBC Laminator Models & Film
  • Scott Electric - Hop Brand Film

Lamps-Projector replacement

  • Scott Electric & Midwest Computer Products


  • Midwest Computer Products - Epson Models


  • Midwest Computer Products - 25% off Da-Lite Screens

Software Products

  • JourneyEd - Adobe, Microsoft, Nuance, Sophos, Symantec, TechSmith, VM Ware & More

For a complete list of technology vendors and products available through AEA Purchasing, click here. Got questions? Contact for more information.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

School Specialty: Projects by Design Services and New Furniture

Projects by Design, School Specialty's no-cost design services, can assist you with creating an engaging learning environment! 

School Specialty has recently expanded its Projects by Design team across the country with dedicated designers. Their unparalleled experience is demonstrated through more than 6,000 turnkey building and renovation projects. Thoughtful and purposeful designs come together with one-stop shopping to unlock the promise of a great education with their curated selection of furnishings and learning materials for a complete educational environment. Let their experienced team take the worry out of your next project by providing expert guidance and access to everything you need to create the learning environment of your dreams.

Visit and sign in to see your discounted pricing.

Projects by Design brochure

Projects by Design video

Projects by Design (School Specialty)
Courtney Kokjohn, Strategic Account Rep
Bid Reference: AEPA IFB 022-A
(515) 339-7227

Monday, January 30, 2023

Vendor Feature: Romtec

Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs site-built park and recreation buildings and structures for many types of applications. Their offering includes a stamped and sealed plan set for the building as well as a complete building package of materials. Romtec works directly with your local building department to get the approval of the plans and then supplies all the materials to your site for construction by Romtec or by a local contractor. 

Romtec, Inc. specializes in the design and supply of the following building types:
All of the structures listed above are covered under contract (#AEPA IFB 019.5 B).

Contact Romtec today to get your project started!