Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Close the gap with STEM PBL Units

Do you value rigor? Are you looking for a way to balance depth and breadth? Are you looking for ways to connect learning to the community? Look no further than what our partner, PITSCO Education, has to offer!

PITSCO'S new STEM PBL Units enable students to learn within and across disciplines,
developing their ability to innovate and apply what they learn to solve a relevant problem or to explore a new situation. Then, they present their results to an authentic audience.

These units allow a holistic approach to the skills that are necessary to be successful in life. Though planning is required, we’ve made it as simple as possible through concept maps and a completed planning form for one of the three Activators that come with each unit.

“If you look at how Google hires, Google says, ‘we want skill-based hires.’ So, industry has been telling us that these are the people who will be successful in the modern workplace. . . . To me, PBL does a better job producing the skills that industry wants.” – Dave Ross, teacher and former P21® CEO and Buck Institute for Education senior director

Grouped into four topical areas: Construction, R&D, Green and Tech, the STEM PBL Units offer connections to any business sector.

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Enhance Learning with the HUE HD Pro Camera

Enhance classroom and online instruction with the HUE HD Pro camera from Iowa based Midwest Technology Products and AEA Purchasing!

The HUE Camera offers a cost effective alternative to a standard classroom document camera. Simple to set up and easy to use, your visualizer soon becomes part of your day-to-day teaching. 

This camera has a variety of uses, including:
  • Live modeling
  • Peer editing
  • Showing demonstrations and experiments
  • Sharing students’ work
  • Pre-recording parts of lesson to revisit later in the year
Due to it's small footprint and portability, these cameras (with a built-in microphone) are great options for those instructors who are moving from room to room or are teaching remotely. For purchasing information and more details, contact:

Midwest Technology Products
Sarah Cruz
800.831.5904 ext 3120

In partnership with AEA Purchasing, Midwest Technology Products offers Iowa schools 10% off list price AND free shipping on all orders!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

December Promos from Husqvarna

Snag these December promotions on select models of Husqvarna equipment. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

    Heavy duty snow blowers (models ST 324, ST 327)
    Heavy duty pressure washer (model HB 32)
    Lawn mowers (model Z246)
    Backpack leaf blower (model 360BT)     

Happy saving!   

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Make Some Noise for Echo Robot!

Say hello to Echo! A robotics kit created specifically for learning anywhere and everywhere from our partner over at PITSCO Education.

The TETRIX® PRIME Limited Edition Echo Robot was created to support remote learning, blended learning, or even in-class learning implementations.

The set uses a limited number of TETRIX PRIME building system structural and connector pieces so students can quickly follow the graphical build steps in the downloadable guide to construct the Echo robot.

The digital guide offers activities and challenges that cover 14 to 16 forty-five-minute class periods and, with the available scope and sequence, offers activities to extend learning to approximately 36 days!

Are you ready to robot?

Don’t forget, Iowa schools get an exclusive 2% off their purchase along with free shipping by entering promo code "AEPA22" at checkout!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Food Safety First: Glove Alternatives

Food Safety is always top of mind for our members, but this year has seemed to remind people outside of your industry just how important this topic can be. 

Thank you to our smallwares partner, Rapids Wholesale Foodservice Equipment for providing the information below. 

For many in the foodservice industry, disposable gloves are seen as a necessity. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for them is higher than ever. This has resulted in skyrocketing prices and limited product availability, causing additional hardships for businesses and schools already greatly affected by the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are several options outside of gloves that can be used when working with ready-to-eat food. According to the 2017 FDA food code, when handling “food that is edible without washing or is not subsequently subjected to a pathogen kill step,” suitable handling methods that don’t involve gloves include tongs, spatulas, dispensing equipment, and deli tissue.

Kool-Touch tongs from Vollrath (available in a variety of lengths, including 12" and 16") are ideal for just about any kitchen. Their Kool-Touch handles are color-safe up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit (and fully functional up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit), and they come with an all-natural Agion anti-microbial that continuously fights the growth of microbes! The color-coded handle means they are ideal for your HACCP program.

Our high heat spatulas (with a 10-1/2" handle, 14" handle, or 16-1/2" handle) are NSF-listed and BPA-free. They are heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which means they can handle just about any scraping, serving, or mixing task.

Dispensing Equipment
Other dispensing equipment includes portioners and dishers. The Browne portioners are made of stainless steel and have a seamless design that prevents food and bacteria from accumulating. The Vollrath dishers have the Agion anti-microbial protection, are NSF-listed, and have color-coded handles.

Four simple steps to Food Safety:  Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill. Remember to use your smallware bid to purchase AEA Approved Market Basket Items.
Not an AEA Purchasing cooperative food member?  We would love the opportunity to talk! Email megan@aeapurchasing.org.