Thursday, January 21, 2021

FireFly Computers is Now Trafera!

FireFly Computers, LLC, the vendor awarded for HP and Lenovo Chromebooks through the local AEA Purchasing local Statewide Technology Buy, has merged with Trinity3, LLC to become Trafera, LLC! 

Chromebooks previously awarded to FireFly are now available through Trafera. Orders may be placed through the AEA Purchasing Marketplace as before, but will be sent to Trafera.  

There is a new contact to obtain quotes if purchasing a larger quantity.  The new contact information is listed on the AEA Purchasing website here.

Chromebooks available include:

Lenovo 100e G2 A4-9120C (2nd gen)
Lenovo 300e G2 A4-9120C Touchscreen (2nd gen)
Lenovo 14e AMD A4-9120C 
Lenovo 14e AMD A4-9120C Touchscreen
HP  11 G8 EE A4-9120C
HP  14 G8 EE Celeron N4020
HP  14 G6 Celeron N4020
HP  14A G5 A6 9220C
HP  SB 14A G5 AMD A6 9220C Touchscreen

For Pricing information log in to the AEA Purchasing Marketplace and search under the "Statewide Technology Catalog".

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Webinar: How Kyocera Products Can Help Your District

Interested in how Kyocera's products, services and new technology can move your district forward in 2021? Then plan on attending our upcoming webinar on February 11! 

The webinar will cover: 

  • Google Connector
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Tiered Color
  • Virtual Tech. 
Date: Thursday, February 11th, 2021 
Time: 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

To register, email Laurie Hoing, at , by Monday, February 8th at noon. 

Join in and learn how Kyocera, through Copy Systems, Inc. of Des Moines, can empower your district to go even further in 2021!

The New Buzzwords in School Foodservice: “Four Quarter Folded Wrap”

Upgrade your menu from using the simple word “wrap” the new buzzwords in school foodservice:
“Four quarter folded wrap!” has anyone introduced the new four quarter folded wrap in their kitchen? Well, this crazy-easy food craze seen on all social media platforms would sure get your student customers buzzing about just how AWESOME you are!

Simply put, you take a round tortilla and visually divide the wrap in quarters, filling each with a different component (sauce, protein, extras, toppings). Then, you make a slit from the center out to divide just one quarter. Next, fold the tortilla in half and then in half again. Viola! (I dare say this might be easier than wrapping a wrap.) This yummy breakfast and lunch twist would be great with all hot and cold wrap options. 

Of course, however you wrap the food, we all know that kids love a wrap!  

Use your market basket monthly list from AEA Purchasing's food program to help you build a better wrap. Start with using your kitchen's favorite tortilla, flatbread, or wrap.

Are you looking to start or expand your offerings? Check out the info and recipes below, provided by our market basket brokers, Waypoint, GVM Food Marketing and The Core Group.


Yang’s has shared a couple GREAT ideas using the student favorites and adding a tortilla.  I can easily see these being a quick seller!  Check out these great recipes for Honey Sesame Chicken or Pineapple Garlic Chicken Wraps.

Using a couple Dole market basket favorites, this colorful Pineapple Chicken Wrap w/Caribbean Ranch Dressing lunch entrĂ©e offers a rainbow of flavors! 

This Alfredo Veggie Roll-Up sounds F-U-N!

Goldkist Chicken shared a couple of GREAT ideas using popcorn chicken in two very different ways!  Expanding on the still popular Chicken & Waffles, this recipe allows you to use your favorite whole grain waffle paired with the popcorn chicken to create Chicken n’ Waffle Tacos. Tempting the student's taste buds should be easy using their favorite popcorn chicken to create these Chicken Enchilada Wraps

Have you had the opportunity to try our NEW pulled rotisserie chicken? It's just been added to our market basket. These two flavor filled recipes might offer the perfect excuse to menu this item soon!  Why not try the Cheesy Chicken Schwarma or the Hatch Chile Chicken in a wrap next menu?

Last (but not least) pairing students favorites like Chicken and Cheese is sure to be a win-win! Tyson shared this “Let’s Eat! Chicken Queso Wrap” video tutorial!

New year, new you! These “wrap” inspired menu ideas are sure to help make your kitchen and staff the new buzzwords around your district. Whether you are trying the “Four Quarter Folded Wrap” trend in your kitchen or expanding your wrap offering to include a new flavor mix-up, let us know! We would love to spotlight you and your staff on AEA Purchasing's Twitter feed!

Not an AEA Purchasing Cooperative Food Member?  We would love the opportunity to talk. Email

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Instruction Solutions from Midwest Computer Products

In-person, distance or hybrid learning? Midwest Computer Products, an awarded vendor partner serving our Statewide Technology Buy as well as our offering of interactive touchscreen displays, has got you covered!

During these times of uncertainty, the education environment is rapidly evolving. In keeping up with a flood of new products that are often expensive and solve a limited problem, options can become overwhelming. How does your district ensure the technology purchased today will
meet your growing future needs?

Is there a single solution that meets all your needs? Imagine this:
  • A product with the tools and ability to simultaneously interact and engage with students regardless of one’s physical location or limited resources.
  • A product that seamlessly integrates into the school’s current 1:1 program, through cloud collaboration, regardless of their operating system.
  • A product focused on the health of its users like eye care and germ resistant touch surfaces.
  • A product with NO SOFTWARE LICENSES!
  • A product that is focused on security.
Ready for some good news? The answer is yes, such a solution does exist! And it is offered, under contract, by Midwest Computer Products and BenQ.  

If the above sounds like a dream you want to make a reality, contact Midwest Computer Products to learn more, discuss demo options and take advantage of their  first time buyer program*, allowing you to continue evaluating how BenQ meets your needs at a discounted price.

*First Time Buyer Program for new customers is based on individual schools and not the district.

Contact Midwest Computer Products today!

Midwest Computer Products
Sean Bolton, Western Iowa
Mobile: 210-639-1634

Adam O'Rourke, Eastern Iowa
Mobile: 319-750-7362

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Winter Safety Products

Keep your students, faculty and staff safe this winter (and save) with popular winter safety products from Best Plumbing Specialties

From snow removal to emergency pipe repair, Best Plumbing Specialties has got you covered!

  • Workright winter gloves
  • Over boot/shoe traction system
  • Snow shovels and pushers
  • Head lamps
  • Water shut off tool kits
  • Wet floor signs
  • Batteries
  • and more!
View the flyer here.

Through our contract, Iowa schools can save up to 20% off MSRP. Contact Best Plumbing for quotes and additional discounts. Be sure to reference bid number "AEPA IFB 018.5-A MRO Catalog".

Best Plumbing Specialties
Contracts Department
800-448-6710 x1765

Happy saving!