Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Vendor Feature: SHI


Looking for IT products and services that are easy on your school's budget? Look no further than the AEA Purchasing contract with SHI International!

SHI International was awarded the following items through AEA Purchasing's statewide technology bid:
  • Anywhere Charging Carts
  • SeaGate External Hard Drive
  • Kensington Presentation Remote & Splitter
  • Multi-Card Reader
  • Digital Storage
  • MakerBot 3D Printer
  • Wireless Adapter
  • Airtame
  • Logitech Video Collaboration Camera
Items can be purchased via the AEA Purchasing Marketplace portal or by contacting:

Kyle Thomas

Be sure to reference "STB2020AEAPURCH" when contacting SHI to insure contract pricing! All Iowa PK-12 schools and Area Education Agencies (AEAs) are eligible to purchase.

SHI is the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States and ranks 8th on CRN's Solution Provider 500 list of North American IT solution providers. Founded in 1989, SHI is headquartered in Somerset, N.J., and has over 4,200 employees.

For more information on contract details or how to order using AEA Purchasing Marketplace, contact Laurie Hoing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Vendor Feature: Britannica Digital Learning

In addition to what is provided via Iowa AEA Online, Britannica Digital Learning is offering discounts on other supplemental products to help build your digital resource library!

Available resources include:
  • ImageQuest 
  • Britannica Original Sources 
  • LaunchPacks-Social Studies
  • eBooks 
  • LaunchPacks-Science
  • Britannica Academic
  • Britannica Library
  • Britannica Pathways Science
In addition to digital resources, all Britannica print products listed in the Britannica catalog will be offered at discounted prices to all Iowa K-12 schools. Request your quote today! Contact: 

Laurel Greene, Education Consultant

*Be sure to reference AEA Purchasing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Vendor Profile: Intrado SchoolMessenger

Over 20 years, many Iowa school administrators have come to rely on Intrado SchoolMessenger communication products.

Now, with COVID-19 upon us, having a trusted, established communications platform is more important than ever. Regardless if your district is heading back to the classroom in the fall, learning remotely, or doing some mixture thereof, you need communication channels that work, and you need to be able to maintain a safe environment for your school community, wherever they may be located.

Solve all your school communication needs here. 

Below are a few featured products that solve those needs for Iowa schools (act by June 30 to get special end-of-the-year pricing for AEA members).

  • NEW! Intrado Safety Shield – Ensure a safe return to school in the fall with this unique end-to-end safety management system complete with tools for the new normal (like escalating wellness check-ins & complete safety drill management).

    Safety Shield is the perfect solution for meeting Iowa Reunification Plan standards, it even has tools to help identify and locate missing students and ensure that students are only reunited with custodial parents and guardians.

    Put safety in the hands of your staff members with our digital EOPs-critical for making sure new CDC guidelines are adhered to / give staff a panic button that provides first responders with full situational awareness (floor plans, door access codes, onsite contact info, and more).

  • SchoolMessenger Presence – Like this website? It’s made on SchoolMessenger Presence & yours can be too. Our attractive, accessible designs look great on any device and have an easy-to-use website management interface. Various levels of design are available to meet your needs.

  • SchoolMessenger Communicate – The most trusted school notification product in North America. Relied on by 65,000 schools and the majority of Iowa districts to send timely text/email/voice/social/RSS/push notifications. Keep all parents engaged with fully equitable communication channels. Includes a free app for parent/teacher messaging and parent preference controls.
Intrado looks forward to continuing to partner with AEA Purchasing and solving communication needs for school districts just as we have for the past 20 years. Learn more about all of our products for Iowa schools here or contact:

Jeff Jennings
SchoolMessenger | Intrado Solutions
888-527-5225 x1426
Contract reference: WCM2015AEAPURCH

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Vendor Feature: Schoology

Schoology puts collaboration at the heart of the learning experience with an easy-to-use LMS that connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education.  Millions of people from over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities worldwide use Schoology to improve student outcomes.  

Schoology also has a Common Formative Assessment platform designed to help districts build, manage and measure Common Assessments to understand student growth and impact instruction.

Iowa schools interested in Schoology have an opportunity to save when using the AEA Purchasing contract to make a purchase. For quotes using our special pricing, reference "AEA Purchasing" and reach out to Amanda Rice

Visit Schoology's profile page on the AEA Purchasing website for more information.

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