Monday, September 20, 2021

NSLW - Wild About School Lunch!

Mark your calendars for October 11-15 for this year's National School Lunch Week.  The theme, "Wild About School Lunch" seems to fit right in with the past year- it's been a JUNGLE to say the least.

The School Nutrition Association has all the resources you need to make your celebration a success- marketing materials, toolkits, handouts, artwork and much more. 

Find all of your NSLW information and resources here.
Here are a few fun Market Basket ideas to incorporate into your celebrations!  
1.  Use clementines (376566) or oranges (376690) to make tigers!  Use a permanent marker to draw a tiger face on the peel. 

2. 411678 WG Animal Crackers- Use animal crackers to make a wild snack mix or to top a yogurt parfait.

3. Frost one of our Market Basket donuts with zebra, tiger, or leopard patterns.
Brighton Jetty Bakery

4.  Do your kids love breakfast for lunch?  Try bird waffles- 983058

5. Chili Owls- use your favorite chili recipe and add wings (crackers or a breadstick split in half), eyes (sour cream or mozzarella cheese) and a beak (cheese or orange pepper)! 

A few more fun ideas: 
  • Grapes make egg-cellent snake eggs
  • Carrots or Cheetos can be tiger tails
  • Bananas are monkey treats
  • Fruit roll ups can be jungle vines.  
  • Serving areas can be turned into jungle cafe's
  • Staff can dress up like zoo keepers.  
Use your imagination and have fun! 

Don't forget to take pictures of your fun lunches, decorated serving areas, and NSLW celebrations and share them with us ( we love to see your fun!