Monday, May 22, 2023

 Your district-wide vulnerability assessment is complete. Now is the time to ensure you are using those dollars to empower every school employee to take action and get help in any crisis situation, ranging from a broken bone to a campus-wide threat to safety.

Research tells us that we can decrease the severity of injuries and the number of casualties if we:
● Reduce communication time
● Share precise location
● Alleviate confusion

CENTEGIX CrisisAlert is a K-12, purpose-built solution that solves the challenge of these three factors. Our wearable badge eliminates vulnerabilities related to app-only solutions and enables rapid incident response to every scenario. When an administration builds a culture of safety, teachers, staff, students, and parents feel supported and more secure.

Please feel free to contact AEA Purchasing or CENTEGIX with additional questions.

Matt Young 
Contract # AEPA021-G