Monday, January 16, 2023

Contract Profile: TinyEYE Therapy Services

When you hear the words "online therapy", "teletherapy", or "virtual therapy", what comes to mind? If you feel you have been burned by the online experience, it’s not teletherapy that’s letting you down, it’s poor experiences with ineffective service providers. In this free whitepaper, you’ll learn about TinyEYE’s one-of-a-kind approach to virtual therapy, our answers to the top 5 teletherapy objections, and how they always ensure students receive the best services possible. This guide is a great resource to share with administrators, parents, and other school community members who may be interested in online therapy.

TinyEYE and AEA Purchasing have partnered together to offer Iowa schools a discount on the provider's therapy services. Demos of the services available can be found online.

To learn more about how TinyEYE and AEA Purchasing can meet your therapy needs, contact:

TinyEYE Therapy Services
Contract # AEPA 022-B
Sabrina Syne