Monday, November 21, 2022

What Schools Need to Know About Using ESSER II and III Emergency Relief Funds for Facility Repairs and Improvements

Did you know that the deadline to use ESSER II funding is September 30, 2023, and ESSER III is September 30, 2024? If you’re wondering what kind of facility repairs and improvements can be made with ESSER II and ESSER III funds, they include: inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, replacement, and upgrade projects to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in school facilities, including mechanical and non-mechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, filtering, purification, and other air cleaning, fans, control systems, and window and door repair and replacement.

IAQ can be significantly impacted by the condition of your roofs and building envelopes. It does make sense; if the building components that enable you to separate the uncontrolled exterior environment from your climate-controlled indoor environment are compromised, problems will result. Poor IAQ has been tied to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating and other related effects. The upkeep of your roofing and building envelope components can help you to ensure school building occupants remain in a safe and healthy environment. 

Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance and affiliated construction services company WTI provide industry-leading roofing and building envelope solutions. Through their affiliates Canam Building Envelope Specialists and Pure Air Control Services, Tremco can help you to address indoor air quality through air barrier audits, building envelope testing, continuity systems, indoor environmental testing, HVAC, building and room decontamination, and more.

With a focus on improving long-term performance and ROI for the complete building enclosure, service capabilities include:

  • Quality products with an emphasis on sustainability
  • Advanced roof restoration systems that enable school districts to restore many types of roofing systems versus replacing them, potentially saving millions of dollars
  • Unique roof management programs enabling you to understand the condition of roof systems across your district, establish priorities and spend your money wisely for the best ROI and building performance
  • Options for advanced diagnostics, early intervention, timely maintenance, and repair to extend performance life
  • Precise testing methods to identify gaps, cracks, and holes in the building envelope to optimize building performance
  • Environmental consulting, building diagnostics, and laboratory services, as well as HVAC system hygienic cleaning, sanitizing and remediation to improve indoor air quality

Tremco Roofing/WTI solutions are available through AEA Purchsing for speed, quality, and compliance. What’s more, this contract is also EDGAR compliant and can be used to procure applicable services when districts apply for ESSER II and ESSER III grant monies.

As a manufacturer of roofing materials since 1928, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance offers a breadth and depth of roofing systems for every environment, and the technical know-how to solve a customer’s biggest problems. And because our affiliated construction services company WTI offers turnkey maintenance, repair, roof management and general contracting services for the entire building envelope, this vendor has the unique ability to provide a total solution to maximize building performance and customers’ return on investment. 

Tremco Roofing and WTI are part of Tremco Construction Products Group.

To learn more, please contact Jeremy Yoder at or 515.208.4241 or visit Use the AEA Purchasing contract to save on materials! Reference bid number AEPA IFB 021-D.