Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Get Your Students Reading This Holiday Season with Mackin and AEA Purchasing!

The holidays are right around the corner! What will your students be reading while they are not in school?

Audiobooks, eBooks, and Read-Along eBooks are excellent choices as students can download several options at school and read them on any device offline with the MackinVIA App.

The Iowa AEAs have purchased hundreds of eBooks and audiobooks to provide popular fiction for a wide range of interests, reading levels, and resources that align with your curriculum that Iowa students can read for FREE! In addition to the free offerings, contracted discounts on other materials are also available through AEA Purchasing (contract #020-C).

Call to action:
+Share this quick video about reading books in MackinVIA with your students and staff to show them how easy their resources are to use.

+Create student backpack accounts or set up an authentication that will make accessing books easy for everyone.

+Give students the opportunity to try out multiple genres, reading levels, interests and never lose a book.

+Use eBooks and audiobooks throughout the rest of the school year and add titles of your own to your school’s MackinVIA, or use short term licenses when you need multiple copies for a classroom read.

Contact Mindy Romero with questions about optimizing the use of these free resources or adding to your already excellent collection of digital resources in MackinVIA!

Mindy Romero
Cell: 319.899.9717
Toll-Free: 800.245.9540
AEA Purchasing contract #020-C