Tuesday, May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Supplies

UPDATED 5/26/2020

In light of current circumstances, AEA Purchasing would like to increase your awareness of vendor partners we have at-the-ready to serve your school and building needs for COVID-19 related supplies. Below you will find a listing of vendor partners that carry hand sanitizer, disinfectants, gloves and masks, etc.

*Please note, due to supply and demand and vendor policies during this unusual time, AEA Purchasing cannot guarantee any one vendor's inventory or availability of product. If you have concerns about ordering, please feel free to contact the vendor directly or AEA Purchasing staff.

Unless otherwise noted below, for vendor contact, ordering and contract information, click on the vendor's name to be taken to their information page on www.aeapurchasing.org.

School Health (Bid reference: Quote 3354243)
  • All PPE is currently on back order with no current ETA. It is suggested that orders continue to be placed as quickly as possible. Orders will be filled on a "first-in first-out" basis.
  • Contact Amanda Norcross (anorcross@schoolhealth.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “quote 3354243” to receive contract pricing.

School Nurse Supply (Bid reference: #AEA HEALTH 2018)
  • School Nurse Supply has exhausted inventories on face masks until August or September.
  • There is a limited supply on gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfecting products.
  • Contact Jeff Giesel (jgiesel@schoolnursesupply.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEA Health 2018” to receive contract pricing.

State Industrial Products (Bid reference: 019-B)
  • Full line of cleaners and disinfectants available.
  • Contact Geno Vitraelli (evitraelli@statechemical.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEPA 019-B” to receive contract pricing.

School Specialty (Bid reference: AEPA IFB 019)
  • All hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and toilet paper are currently out of stock.
  • Contact Courtney Kokjohn (Courtney.kokjohn@schoolspecialty.com) for quotes, to order, etc.
  • Use "AEPA IFB 019" to receive contact pricing.

Hillyard (Bid reference: AEPA 019-B)
  • Cleaners, disinfectants, masks, sanitizers, etc. are available.
  • Limited supply of gloves
  • Contact Randy Roth (RandyRoth@hillyard.com) for quotes, to order, etc. 
  • Use “AEPA 019-B” to receive contract pricing.

IPI (Bid reference: AEA Purchasing)
  • IPI has set up a special page on their website for COVID-19 solutions.
  • Orders for most of these products are not being accepted on the website due to somewhat limited supplies, although they do have stock of the items listed on it.
  • TO ORDER: Schools need to call in their orders to IPI Customer Service office (800-332-7922) and request the AEA discount.

Regardless of what you order or who you order from, all vendors highly encourage ordering early as well as ordering for only what you need for a specified amount of time (1 month supply vs 6 month supply) to help in allocation of resources and to avoid stockpiling, product spoilage, etc.